Evoke Merchandisers

U-Select-It is pleased to introduce new combo merchandisers to the Evoke series line: Evoke ST3/VT3, Evoke ST5/VT5, and the Evoke Elevator. 

Following the design and functionality characteristics of USI's Evoke Snack merchandisers, the Evoke combo machines bring together the latest in vending technology, enhanced merchandising, and attractive styling. 

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Lowest Cost of Ownership

USI's Evoke merchandisers offer the lowest cost of ownership through superior quality and a full feature offering designed to improve operator performance. Check out our website to learn more about the standard, as well as optional features for your Evoke merchandiser.


PayRange allows your customers to pay directly from the mobile PayRange app. It is a fast and simple solution for your customers to pay for their refreshments.

ADA Compliant

Evoke merchandisers are Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Compliant. Customer interfaces are at or below the 2012 ADA mandated access height of 46" from the floor.

Full Health Safety

Evoke Combo merchandisers feature health safety temperature sensing technology programmable by the selection, range and row to prevent the sale of perishable food.

Model 3629 EvokeElevator No POS_7.5.png

Evoke Elevator

Featuring a soft elevator delivery to vend fragile items such as sandwiches, salads, and fresh fruit cups, the Evoke Elevator offers maximum product versatility. Unlike carousel-style vending machines, the Evoke Elevator allows first-in-first-out (FIFO) loading to reduce spoilage and true inventory control with trackable SKU management.

Evoke Elevator>>

Evoke ST5/VT5

With a capacity of up to 65 items, the Evoke ST5/VT5 merchandiser is the perfect addition for high-traffic locations. In fact, the Evoke ST5/VT5 offers over 20% greater capacity when compared to competitor combo models.  

Evoke ST5>>           Evoke VT5>>

Evoke ST3/VT3

With up to 36 selections, the Evoke ST3/VT3 offers high capacity in a small footprint while packing a punch with its style and design. The variable temperature feature allows you to offer a variety of refrigerated food and cold beverages along with ambient snack products all from one machine. 

Evoke ST3>>          Evoke VT3>>

Evoke Elevator

What makes the Evoke Elevator stand out among the rest? Watch the video below to find out.